Reduce your EDI costs


by Jodi Abrams

Reduce the cost of your EDI compliance by up to 90% with EDI as a managed service.

Many companies don't know exactly how much they are paying for EDI, nor what is their net total cost per EDI transaction.

Costs to take into consideration when determining your total cost of EDI:

- Software maintenance and support
- Server hosting
- Services for mapping changes
- Services for new partners or transactions
- Services for trading partner changes and version upgrades
- Services for production support and issue resolution
- EDI Network (VAN)
- Internal support resource to monitor for errors
- Internal technical analyst to provide SAP support for interface
- Retraining costs due to attrition

Surveys show that some companies can pay up to $5 per EDI transaction once all these costs are factored in. For a company doing 5,000 EDI transactions a month they might be paying $25,000 /month or more in EDI-related costs.

Arcus is an EDI Managed Service where the only cost is the per-document fee.

The only charge is a flat-fee as low as $0.10 per document. CONTAX takes care of your end-to-end EDI compliance including setting up new trading partners, error resolution, and even managing and monitoring EDI within your SAP system.

With Arcus, CONTAX’s SAP Certified Cloud Platform solution, you could reduce your costs by up to 90%. Contact us to learn how.


About the Author: Jodi Abrams

Jodi is an expert in SAP and eCommerce integration, and is Vice President of Applications for CONTAX.