SAP for Cannabis Producers

SAP for Cannabis Producers

SAP for Cannabis is a fully-integrated ERP solution designed and developed for the Cannabis industry in Canada.

Implemented for one of the top three cannabis producers in Canada, SAP for Cannabis includes comprehensive business processes from the back office to the grow room.

Grow Operations

  • Manage progress of plant as it changes through the production process (Seedling / Clone -> Vegetative -> Flowering, Upgrade to Mother, etc.)
  • Monitoring and capturing periodic maintenance: Pruning, feeding, watering, treating, etc. during the growing phase
  • Production work orders track time spent cloning, trimming, drying and curing; materials used (e.g. scalpels, rooting gel, etc.) and yield for a given strain
  • Tracking information related to mother plants include plant yield, characteristics, events, location, etc.

Inventory Control

  • Inventory control, visibility, and traceability
  • A single integrated environment to provide real-time access to all factors affecting product availability
  • Integrated planning and forecasting to accurately plan and manage inventory
  • Barcode capabilities to scan and track each lot
  • Batch information cockpit to perform both top-down and bottom-up analysis to quickly identify and trace any defective raw material batch

Quality Control

  • Powerful Quality Management functionality fully integrated with production, sales and distribution
  • Quality Management includes planning, notifications and inspections
  • Fully configurable to meet your customized quality management processes


  • Tracking plants from seed or clone through production and sale
  • Automated entry of appropriate tax stamps by province for recreational sales
  • Customer 360 degree view a single customer view of aggregated sales data from the past and the present

Finance and Accounting

  • Many processes are automated like the creation of customer invoices due to the integration between Accounting and Sales
  • Better understanding of your operation cost to help reduce your bottom line and increase your profitability
  • Reduce the amount of time to close your financial books
  • Single source of truth for Financial reporting

Human Resources

  • Attract the best talent in a competitive market
  • Automate core HR Processes, easy to use employee self-services, track time and absences, etc.
  • Improve process consistency and knowledge transfer with e-learning and training management.

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