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Our expert team of SAP EDI consultants in USA, Canada, Netherlands and Australia provides around-the-clock SAP EDI services to our customers locally and globally.

CONTACT US with your SAP EDI requirements and we will respond within one hour, and we will have one of our EDI solution experts available in less than one working day.

SAP EDI Integration

CONTAX provides the integration tools and preconfigured solutions to get EDI working seamlessly with your SAP system.

  • CONTAX EDI/SAP integration uses standard SAP integration functionality
  • Monitor EDI transaction status from within SAP
  • SAP Workflow configured to notify users of errors and allow reprocessing
  • Automated status messages flow between EDI and SAP so EDI transaction status can be monitored from SAP

CONTACT US for more information about CONTAX' SAP EDI integration solution.

EDI Outsourcing

We offer fixed-fee or pay-as-you-go contracts for SAP EDI services. We provide SLA's for only what you need, so you're not paying for unncessary services.

  • Proactive monitoring of EDI and SAP systems
  • EDI mapping and SAP integration
  • Error resolution and reprocessing
  • New trading partner implementation
  • New transaction set implementation

On Demand Services

CONTAX provides on-call, on-demand SAP/EDI consulting services on as little as two hours' notice. We offer flexible contracting options, so there's no need to make a long-term commitment.

We'll even offer to perform the knowledge transfer and transition for free. CONTACT US for more information about free transition services.

EDI System Migrations

Looking to migrate your EDI system to either Cloud or On-Premise? CONTAX has performed hundreds of EDI systems migration projects for SAP customers. Our SAP EDI experts will ensure a smooth, pain-free migration and make sure that no trading partner transactions are lost during the transition.

If you are considering an EDI system migration, CONTACT US us for details on how to determine the costs and analyze the benefits.

3PL Integration

CONTAX is one or the world's leading experts on using EDI to integrate third party logistics providers (3PL's) into SAP. We've done hundreds of 3PL integrations using our standardized approach and Best Practices for EDI integration.

We can help plan, implement and support your 3PL integration project and, chances are, we have probably already integrated for your 3PL, so we can save you time and money.

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EDI Mapping

CONTAX is experienced in all major EDI software solutions, and a reseller and solution implementation partner for IBM Sterling's B2Bi platform (Gentran).

CONTACT US for more information about EDI mapping and translation tools.

EDI 820 Remittance Advice

Often overlooked by many companies, the EDI 820 remittance advice transaction is a powerful transaction to add to your existing EDI solution.

Click on the button below for more information about CONTAX' EDI 820 Remittance Advice solution.

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S/4HANA Migration Services

CONTAX can help your team plan, test and execute your cutover to EDI running on S/4HANA. Our skilled team of consultants will guide you through the conversion process so that no data or transactions are lost in the migration.

CONTACT US for a free quote on your S/4HANA EDI migration project.

EDI 846 Inventory Advice

One of the lesser-known EDI transactions, the EDI 846 is a powerful tool to use in the effective management of your 3PL inventory.

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