For many SAP customers, AWS is the most secure, scalable and cost-effective platform upon which to run their SAP systems.

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AWS Migration Projects

We can scope, plan, budget and execute your AWS migration proejct. As an SAP and Amazon Web Services partner we can help you assess all the options and choose the platform that makes the most sense for you.

  • Sizing and costing of AWS infrastructure services
  • Project planning and preparation
  • Sandbox migration and testing
  • Landscape transformation
  • System cut-over and go-live
  • Post go-live support and hypercare

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SAP on AWS Test Drive

SAP on AWS Test Drive allows you to quickly and easily deploy and explore the value and benefits of using SAP AWS cloud.

  • Minimal cost commitment to try before you buy
  • Gain experience in migrating your SAP system to AWS
  • Create an extra sandbox system for testing with no hardware costs and pay by the hour for the machine time you use

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SAP Disaster Recovery Strategy/Implementation

CONTAX offers a full gamut of SAP disaster recovery offerings depending on the risk profile and budget.

For smaller scale systems we recommend using AWS S3 for storing and ageing backups into glacier as a very cost effective off-site storage option for SAP backups

We also support full DR failover instances for near-zero downtime, and everything in between. We offer free evaluation services to scope and setup a disaster recovery strategy as well as services to test failover to confirm disaster readiness.

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Security and Authorization Administration on AWS

Running an SAP system on AWS requires specialized skills to ensure your data is protected and your system is secure.

  • Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) Administration
  • SAP Security and Authorization Administration on AWS

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AWS SLA-based Monitoring and Proactive Services

CONTAX is certified by SAP as a Partner Center of Excellence (PCoE), which means we are one of the few SAP services companies in North America to be authorized to deliver SAP Enterprise Support on behalf of SAP.

Where organizations already have internal Basis staff but require additional Basis expertise, CONTAX offers SLA-based Monitoring and Proactive Services. Proactive services addresses avoidable problems, such as a database table reaching its maximum size. Proactive services can detect the issue before it brings the system down and administer a fix to avoid any impact on system performance or availability.

CONTAX provides configuration of and monitoring of AWS Cloudwatch to monitor cloud infrastructure health.

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Datbase Conversion with AWS Migration

Considering a database conversion to SAP HANA, or switching your database platform from Oracle or DB2 to SQL Server?

Lower the risk and reduce the downtime of a database conversion by migration to AWS.

CONTAX Offers:

  • Database migration to HANA
  • Database migration from DB2 or Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Databse updates, patches and upgrades

AWS S/4HANA Migrations and Installations

Considering a migration to S/4HANA? AWS makes it easy and cost-effective.

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  • Reduce risk of S/4HANA conversion
  • Try-before-you-buy approach to S/4HANA with minimal cost outlay
  • Easily and quickly create an S/4HANA sandbox system in AWS, based on data and config from your production landscape


Case Study

Atlas Paper Bag

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