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Skipum for SAP® Enterprise Shipping is an SAP certified solution that enables Logistics Execution capabilities within SAP ERP and SAP EWM that are not available in the standard SAP solution for shipping with UPS. SAP customers are often surprised to find that carrier compliance, document generation, routing guides, rating capabilities and freight capture are not part of the standard SAP release. Skipum fills this gap in SAP functionality with a robust solution embedded directly within SAP. With Skipum, users can continue their UPS shipping actives directly in SAP, without having to enter data into external shipping software.

Skipum was designed to seamlessly integrate with SAP, and to support customers UPS shipping requirements.

Solution Capabilities

Skipum is certified for all SAP ERP, SAP EWM and SAP S/4HANA. The Skipum Certified SAP Add-on delivers dozens of transactions, reports and configuration options all natively available in SAP.

The Enterprise Shipping module supports numerous modes of processing, including: Pack & Ship, Scan & Ship, RF Pack & Ship, Ship by Carton Count, Ship by Item Count, Bulk Shipping, and even supports integration to automated picking systems.

Skipum can support customers shipping a few orders per day up to tens of thousands. You’ll never outgrow Skipum.

Built to Support Your Business

Skipum is highly configurable, and is intended to support your existing data storage and business processes. Skipum can be implemented in a matter of weeks, and is deployed entirely by CONTAX.

Best Practices Built for You

Powered by the global reach of UPS, the largest logistics company in the world, the solution supports numerous modes of UPS shipping.

Best Practices for shipping within SAP are built into Skipum, via the collective knowledge of CONTAX and our customers.

Carrier optimization techniques built into Skipum allow the right carrier to be selected each time, taking into account criteria like cost, time in transit, and customer routing requirements. This means the correct carrier and accessorial options is always selected. Users decisions on the shipping floor are greatly reduced.

Trusted Providers

Skipum is part of the UPS Ready Program.

CONTAX, an SAP Gold Partner and leading SAP solutions and services provider, has been providing SAP support and services since 1992.

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