SAP Software Solutions

SAP BusinessObjects

Instead of just storing data, leverage it to understand your business - analyze trends, hone in on anomalies, and drill-down to what you really need to see. SAP BusinessObjects unleashes the power of data analytics.

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Leading edge technology from SAP - HANA is revolutionizing the world of information technology by delivering lightning-fast access to data through in-memory database technology.

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The next generation ERP system, S/4HANA is developed from the ground-up to leverage the power, speed and agility of in-memory database technology. Query millions of records of data in sub-second response time and break through the barriers of the traditional disk-based ERP platforms.

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SAP SuccessFactors

The most comprehensive suite of cloud-based applications for Human Capital Management, seamlessly integrated into your ERP system.

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SAP Hybris

Delight your customers with a world-class customer relationship experience. Whatever channels you deal with your customers, online, email, telephone or in person, get a 360 degree view of all your customer interactions.

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SAP Services


SAP Implementations

CONTAX has an unparalleled record of on-time, under-budget SAP implementations. Even on large, complex projects, CONTAX is able to accurately scope and plan out projects so that results are delivered in a predictable and cost-effective manner.

CONTAX uses pre-built industry-specific templates to accelerate your ERP implementation, saving time and money and resulting in the adoption of industry best practices.

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SAP Application
Managed Services

CONTAX provides fully managed application support services for SAP ERP systems and other SAP products. CONTAX can manage the entire application support cycle from helpdesk to resolution, or any part thereof, according to customer needs.

For many of our customers they find that CONTAX can provide application managed support services most cost-effectively than using internal staff during to our flexible pay-as-you-go support services. This frees up internal resources to work on strategic business initiatives rather than being consumed with keeping the lights on.

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SAP Enhancement

Many of our customers have been running SAP for years and, although their systems are stable, the business needs have changed or evolved, or events require enhancements, modifications, or additions of new modules and functionality. Often the drivers for this are events such as acquisitions, divestitures, expanding into new lines of business, adding subsidiary or affiliate companies on to the system

CONTAX provides detailed statements of work for such projects ensuring that the scope, cost and effort and clearly defined, meaning no surprises down the road.

CONTAX also advises customers on adoption of new technology and helps develop strategic plans in order to leverage the latest in SAP technology without risk.

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SAP Support

Rather than outsourcing SAP application management, some customers engage CONTAX to support specific functions or applications, such as EDI, or integration to third-party systems such as 3PL's.

CONTAX provides Service Level Agreements to govern the quality and cost of support engagements such that the costs are predictable and the results are quantifiable.

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SAP Integrated Products

EDI Console for SAP

Manage all of your EDI transactions from within SAP.

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