Running Your SAP Workload on AWS

Security, scalability, high availability and cost savings are some of the benefits that of running your SAP workload on the cloud platform Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and SAP Gold Partner, the team at CONTAX can help you seamlessly migrate your SAP system to AWS and run with optimum efficiency.

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Services for SAP on AWS

SAP AWS Migration

From project planning to post go-live support and hypercare, CONTAX can assist with the entire migration process. We'll perform sizing and costing of the necessary AWS infrastructure services, perform sandbox migration and testing, complete any landscape transformation, and carry out the system cut-over and go-live.

Disaster Recovery Strategy

We'll consider your risk profile and budget to scope and setup a disaster recovery strategy for your business. We'll also setup services to test failover and confirm disaster readiness. Whether you've got a smaller scale system which could take advantage of Amazon S3 and aged backups, or need full failover disaster recovery instances, CONTAX can help.

AWS Security and Authorizations

As part of our SAP Basis Security and Authorizations services, we can help make sure your SAP system is secure on the cloud. We offer Amazon Identity Access Management (IAM) administration so that you can be sure your data is protected.

Test Drive SAP on AWS

If you're still not convinced this option will allow you to try your SAP system on AWS. We'll help you to quickly and easily deploy to the cloud, giving you the chance to explore the value and benefits of using AWS. It's one of those low-cost try before you buy options that'll enable you to see how the process of migrating your system to AWS works. You'll end up with an extra sandbox environment for testing with no capital hardware costs, and AWS's pay per hour pricing model.

SLA-Based Monitoring

We offer a range of SLA based monitoring and proactive services options which you can find out more about here. CONTAX provides configuration and monitoring of AWS Cloudwatch to ensure cloud infrastructure health is maintained.

Database Conversion

You can lower the risk and reduce downtime of a database conversion through migrating your system to AWS. At CONTAX, we offer database migrations to HANA, or database migrations from DB2 or Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server. We also offer database updates, patches and upgrades.

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